withholding of removal and green card as opposed to asylum.

I have a question regarding the steps to get a green card while on withholding status.
My Friend's wife was given a witholding of removal about 2 years ago,But now she really want to travel abroad for family reasons,her Dad passed not long ago,and she would like to meet her sibblings in a third country,but is afraid that she won't be able to return back in USA because of her status.Her employer is willing to help her get a geen card trough employment sponsorship,but she does'nt know the required steps and documents needed for such application.Her employer want her to give them the informations and procedures they need to follow to get her what she need to be able to travel and come back safely.
Thank you.
You can't apply for or travel outside the US on WOR.
You can't get green card on WOR.
You can't bring your immediate family members on WOR.
With, asylum you can do all those three.

WOR is granted to those who had genuine fear of persecution if returned to his country but failed to apply for asylum within 1 year of arrival in the US or failed to show extra ordinary or changed circumstances on why he or she failed to apply for asylum within one year.

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